Collector's Corner

Beth Reeser is our featured collector. She collects green handled kitchen tools.

    I started collecting green handled kitchen tools about 8 years ago shortly after we bought our house. I wanted something neat for the kitchen walls, and I liked the idea of using vintage kitchen tools. Vintage kitchen tools come in many colors, but I like green the most. This is actually my second collection of green. Most of my first collection was destroyed by a fire 2 years ago. Since then, I have branched out into green glassware and enamelware. I use most of what I have collected, but I added a shelf around the top of my breakfast nook to display some of it too. I love all my green things, but my favorite is my green cookie jar because it made it through the fire intact despite being tossed out the window. 

Beth has been kind enough to send us pictures of her cookie jar and the rest of her kitchen. Thanks Beth!