In Honor of St Patrick's Day!

    One year for a St. Patty's Day treat, I wrote this little poem about everything green we had in the shop. We received a ton of emails with kind comments thanking us for the smiles & cheer it brought them. We have posted it here because, even though the items mentioned and shown in the pictures have already gone to new homes, the poem is still a lot of fun to read! 


All Things Green

by Jan McLaughlin

St. Patrick's Day is soon to be
So I've gathered all things green for you to see.
We have green bears,
Green chairs,
And green candles too.
We even have kitchen tools with green handles for you.
There are green hand made lamp shades,
and green porcelain Wades.
There are green feathers and prints,
and many many plates in green tints.
We have a green decorated sugar bowl
and a green tray of hand painted tole.
We have lots of green glass,
Why, we even have Yankee Candle's Green Grass.
There is a green necklace on a green hand,
A cake plate with a green band,
A Jadeite green bowl that's old,
And a chartreuse vase that's bold.
We've got a green painted wardrobe
And green earrings for each earlobe.
We've got green gel candles scented Honeydew
We even have a green candlestick or two.
There's a little green stool,
And a green teacup that's cool.
There's a St. Patty's day Flag,
And a lamp with shade made of green slag.
We have baskets of green,
And a framed green scene.
There's a green china jug.
Why, we even have a green magnetic bug!
We've got a lampshade with green beads,
And green hankies to meet your needs.
We have a Green Apple candle by Warm Glow.
Don't believe me, check out the photos below!