Did you know that there are some types of glass that glow? That's right, glass that contains compounds such as Uranium salts will fluoresce when placed near an Ultra Violet Light. The most widely recognized type of glowing glass is called Vaseline Glass. Vaseline glass, also known as Canary glass, varies in color from a vibrant yellow-green to a very pale yellow. Not all yellow glass is Vaseline, so if you are unsure, check it under a black light. 

    Vaseline Glass was popular from the mid 1800's up until the 1930's when use of uranium salts was halted due to the war effort. When uranium was brought back into the glass manufacturing process, Vaseline Glass enjoyed a resurgence of popularity. There are still companies producing it, and many people collecting it today. 

    Other types of glass that glow bright green are Custard glass, some green Depression glass (not all), and some aqua blue glass (not all). Jadeite also glows bright green. You may be lucky and find the occasional piece of amber glass that glows an orange pink color. I have also found some lead crystal that glows pink, and some clear glass that glows bluish white. I am sure there are other types out there as well, but I have not yet had the pleasure to see them glow.  

    In honor of Halloween, we have gathered up some of our glowing glass and lit it with a black light.  Check out the photos below to see the eerie glow!