Successful Victorian Tea Reading begins with the selection of a fine loose-leaf tea. Brew the loose tea, and pour it into the teacup without straining. Enjoy the tea (try not to drink down too many of the leaves - we need them to read!) Also, be sure to save a bit of tea in the bottom of the cup for this next part--- Swirl the tea around in the cup and then pour out the little that is left by placing the cup upside down on the saucer. This should have left most of the leaves clinging to the cup. Now you are ready to 'read' the leaves. 
The tea leaves will form patterns and symbols at the bottom and along the sides of the teacup. Look for them like you do shapes in the clouds - a little imagination goes a long way here! The closer to the bottom of the cup the patterns are, the longer away in time until the event will occur.   
    I have  included a little dictionary of symbols for  you to use if you would like to read your own tea leaves. (It's a whole lot more fun than drinking them - Pthhh!)


  As a special treat, I have arranged for you to have a free Tea Leaf Reading
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