Flower Power

The Language of Flowers

    We all know that April showers bring May flowers, but do you know what the flowers bring? (And no- I don't mean bees!) They bring messages! That's right, flowers have their own 'language' and anyone versed in it can send or receive the secret message. Victorians did it all the time.  And you thought all that fancy floral china was just for pretties. Not So! Read on --- Victorian James gives a bouquet of Lily of the Valley, Pansies, and Violets  to Victorian Esther - She in turn gives him a Striped Carnation.  Later that evening, she serves him dinner on a plate decorated with Sweet Peas" Awe, how romantic" you say! Check this out....

    So now that we are versed in the "language of flowers", it seems that Victorian James is really in the dog house! Perhaps Victorian Esther would have forgiven him if he had included a Fern in the bouquet. And now that you know what your china is saying, be careful what you say. After all, it doesn't bode well to serve up a romantic dinner for two and put it on plates painted with dark red carnations, but it is very good to put rosebuds in a vase next to your mirror!