Wrought Iron Hooks and Hangers 

Hooks and Hangers made by the Amish of Lancaster County PA. 

We have a great selection of wrought iron hooks! They can be used to hang just about anything. Used alone or in combination, they add the perfect touch to your decorating projects! Each one is hand made (as are all of our iron items) and varies in exact size - the sizes listed below are averages. 

Mounting hardware (screws, nails, etc) are not included!


Wrought Iron Arched Hook

wrought iron arched hooks

These hooks attach to a flat surface such as a wall or post and extend out to hold plants, candle holders, our other wrought iron items, curtain rods, and more! They can also be used upside down or in pairs to hold bulkier items such as rolling pins, towels, bikes in the garage, garden hoses - anything!

Wrought Iron Arch Hook - Medium
Wrought Iron Arch Hook - Small

Wrought Iron "S" Hooks

wrought iron arched hooks

These wrought iron hooks are very versatile!  Use them alone or link them together to hold pots and pans, baskets, plants, candle holders- whatever. Use them with one of our towel bars or curtain rods to make a great pot rack! These are very strong hooks and can hold more than 100 lbs without bending.

Wrought Iron Hook - Large S
Wrought Iron  Hook - Medium S
Wrought Iron  Hook - Small S

Wrought Iron Ladder Hook

ladderhook.jpg (92398 bytes)

These hooks have a larger end to allow them to be put over the rung of a ladder. They are also great for hanging buckets and watering cans or other items with large handles!

Wrought Iron Ladder Hook

Split Top Wrought Iron
Heart Hooks

hand wrought iron split top heart hooks

When a plain old hook just won't do. This tried and true design adds the perfect touch. Our heart hooks are great for hanging curtain swags or rods. They also work nicely for coats, baskets, towels and more. Available in 3 sizes to suit your needs. These are all hand crafted and there is variation in size.

Wrought Iron Heart Hook- Large
Wrought Iron Heart Hook - Medium
Wrought Iron Heart Hook - Small

Wrought Iron Hammer-in Hook

These handy little hooks hammer right into the wall! They are great for hanging lots of things - use them anywhere you would use a nail. - Not recommended for very heavy items. Available in 2 sizes.

Large - Approx 1 3/4" long
Wrought Iron Hammer In Hook- Large Dozen

Small - Approx 3/4" long
Wrought Iron Hammer In Hook - Small Dozen

Wrought Iron Nail Hook  

Similar to the hammerins listed above, but these require the use of a nail or small screw. This lets them accept heavier items! Use them anywhere you would use a nail. Great for hanging pictures. The large size will also accept our curtain rods! Available in 2 sizes.

Large Approx 2" long
Wrought Iron Nail Hook- Large Dozen

Small Approx 1" long
Wrought Iron Nail Hook - Small Dozen

Wrought Iron Curtain Tie Backs -- Heart or Star

At long last, we have tie backs! They work well as swag holders too. Sold in pairs to accommodate many uses in your home, or outside.   The hooks are approximately 6" long and the hearts are about 3 1/2" wide. The stars are about 4 1/2" wide.

Wrought Iron Curtain Tie Back - Heart - Pair

Wrought Iron Curtain Tie Back - Star - Pair

 Wrought Iron Shape Hooks 

hand made iron hooks - star or hearthand made iron hooks - star or heart

Great little hooks that add just the right amount of charm! Perfect for hanging our curtain rods, baskets, and much more. We even used them to hang our Christmas stockings and evergreen swags! Available in heart or star motif. Each hook is approximately 1 1/2" wide by 2" long. Very sturdy too!

Wrought Iron Hook - Star Shape
Wrought Iron Hook - Heart Shape

Large Wrought Iron Shape Hook Star 5.5 inches

Here is our popular Star shaped hook in  the larger size that you've asked for.  The star is 4 3/4 inches wide and the overall length of the hook is 5 1/2 inches

Wrought Iron Hook - Large Star Shape

Wrought Iron Ring Hook - Heart or Star

heart ring hook - amish made wrought iron star ring hook - wrought iron

Just like the heart shape hook shown above but with a ring. Use these when what you are hanging needs a more substantial looking hook! Perfect for hanging our curtain rods, baskets, and much more.  What a great look!

Wrought Iron Hook - Heart Ring

Wrought Iron Hook - Star Ring

Wrought Iron Coat Robe Hook

We finally have it -- the perfect hook! This is the hook everybody asked for. Just the right size for coats, towels, robes, baskets and much more. Very sturdy and simple. It is the perfect hook for the garage too!

Wrought Iron Coat Hook

Wrought Iron Double Coat Hook

Here is our newest hook-two hooks in one- with a scrolled, hand forged top hook and a lower hook with a black vinyl end cover to protect your finest hangables!  This extends 3 inches from the wall at the widest (top) and the overall height is 8 3/8 inches. Very sturdy 3/8 inch thick iron for your toughest jobs--heavy coats, garden tools, even tack.

Wrought Iron Double Coat Hook

$8.95 Shipping per carton
 Most orders ship in 1 carton. We do our best to fit everything into 1 carton,
but some orders require us to use more than 1

All of our wrought iron is hand forged by members of the Amish community of Lancaster County, PA and finished in satin black. Measurements are given in inches and may vary slightly due to the hand made nature of the items. 
Mounting hardware is not included.

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